The Earth is But One Country

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Is a project without any deadlines
As I collect pieces I display them as the opprotunities offer.
My goal is ofcourse to collect pebble art pieces representing every
country, nation, tribe, etc.
as well as the translation of;
“The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens” – Baha’u’llah
in the languages of every country, nation and tribe of this planet.

send a small packet containing at least 5 pebbles from where you live or
visit. Along with a card upon which is written the when where and whom
collected the pebbles, plus the translation of the phrase, “The earth is
but one country and mankind its citizens” – Baha’u’llah
, into the language of that place.
Plus any other artistic additions, inovations, etc. you wish to make.


“RNG” is dead now since September 2003

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and now I’m looking for another open review – zine giving me the opportunity to continue my columns about

the Mail Art Network …

I’d like to write about, to present, to introduce :

“congresses” , “all” the mail artists of the world, a lot of mail art projects, drawings, visual poetry, report,

(hi)stories, catalogues, “docs”, shows, collaborative works, noise, social, atc , artist books, rubber stamping, … etc. …



Baudhuin Simon

Pig Dada



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Tu as peint ta vie en noir

Eclaboussant même ton propre sang

Es-tu si inconscient d’avoir posé

Tes mains sales sur moi ?

Tes mots, portés par ton haleine,

Me reviennent :

Mensonges à toi-même, bien plus qu’à moi.

Rêves mal aiguillés,

Tu répètes et te répètes les mêmes cycles.

As-tu vraiment pensé que je partagerais

L’indigence dans laquelle tu te vautres ?

Du sang des autres à ton sang,

De ton sang au sang des autres,

De ton sang à mon sang

Honte à toi !

Baisseras-tu les yeux devant ton image ?

Combien de vies te seront nécessaires ?

J’ai pitié des pauvres âmes errantes.


No meat today

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why do you eat meat ? what do you think when you eat meat ?

how do you feel when you eat meat ? have you looked at yourself

while eating meat ? can you kill the meat you eat ? or do you

rather have someone else to do it for you ? how red can your steak be ?

does your piece of meat have to be odourless ? do you teach your

kids to eat meat ? have you ever seen a cow from a couple of feet

away ? saw the eyes ? do you like horse riding or eeting ?


Invited by Baudhuin

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I met this great ( mail ) artist for the first time and I spent a truly

pleasant and informative afternoon in his sweet home in Habay La Neuve, Belgium.

In mail art since the end of 2002, it was even the first time I met a “real” mail artist, a man who knows what

he’s talking about, for he started his MA-activities in 1985 …

I left Baudhuin with my promise to publish the following text on my site.


A history of Mail Art

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The question is whether to write the history of Mail Art or to tell stories happening in the network of mail art. I prefer the little stories to “the big H” history.

Of course one has to be grateful, leave to Caesar what belongs to Caesar but mail art belongs to nobody, it is a legacy of mankind.

Mail art belongs to everyone.  It is open. Newcomers are welcome and equal in the network, in the planetarium, in the future, in the meditation, in the comfortable communication, the permanent feast, the poetry and action…

The mail art network has no father, no grandfather. No “first”, no founder. Nobody is the pope of mail art. Our network keeps running because patriarchal, elitist, narcissi, scholastic, juries, the competition and celebrities can go to hell, together with the selectivity, judgements, speed and business profits, and rocket aesthetics (nothing is beautiful, nothing is ugly), prestige and hierarchies.

The impossible history of mail art is underway.


Obviously I am mailartedly thankful to:

– The one who invented the postal stamp around 1830 -1840.

– This guy from Austria who, in 1869 invented the first postcard.

– Joseph Beuys, the German, for his wooden postcard and his phrase “every human being is a piece of art”.

– Robert Filliou “Job”, the French, and his statement “art is what makes life more interesting than art”, “that art

gets down from its heights”, “eternal network”;

– Ray Johnson, the American, for his non-school “New York correspondence school of art”

Our network therefore dates back to 1962 !!!

– Joseph Klaffki, the German for his famous “Joki”;

– G.A. Cavellini, the crazy Italian, for his obese extravagances.

– Peter Moreels, the boatman, who had his “mail artist studio” on the bow of his boat and mailed his cards at the

docks in the harbours.

– Antonio Vigo (Argentina), Guillermo Deisler (Chile), Robin Crozier and Wanda (England),Marcel Stüssi

(Switzerland) Don Rout (England), Joachim Wermoewe Weigelt (Germany), Ivan Preissler (Czech), Mike

Bidner (Canada) … and others …. for their heritage.

Need to promote your art project and do not have enough money to do it? Play games at for the chance to win amazing cash prizes.

But also

– To the painters Pablo Picasso, Vasarely, Leonor Fini, Miro’, Braque, Butor, ….

– To the Italian futurists (1909), Russian futurists (1912), Dadaists (since 1915) Francis Picabia, Eric Satie,

– Marcel Duchamp – he sent postcards to his neighbours for the project “Get-together of the 6 th of

February1916”, Kurt Schwitters, ….; to the Arte Povera; to the “art brut”; to the surrealists (+/- 1925)

transformers of images; to COBRA (1948 to 1951); to the pataphysicians (since +/- 1950); to fluxus  (since +/-

1960); to POP ART (in the 60’s); to BAUHAUS (in the 50’s); to CONCEPTUAL ART (in the 60’s); to the

cubists; to the new realists … Without forgetting the Post Dadaism and certainly the autodidacts …. and all

those who passed by for a short or long while.

By the way, I nearly forgot Eluard, Desnos, Cesar, Armand, Balla, Pannagi, …


“Celebrities” of the world of art thus touched on mail art, which is not so important to me. Of little importance for me is that words such as “performer”, “curator”, “collector” are not well understood because of their double or triple meanings. What matters and what is important is the existence TODAY of this network of life, of togetherness, of self-irony (I am a wild pig), of fantasies, keenness, dealings, underground (non clandestine) non control, imagination, collectivity, freedom, …social and democratic.

I have a limitless appreciation for this immense public service which is the postal union created in Berne in 1874.

Is it possible to not mix-up easily “post art”, “mail art”, “letter art”,  “posted art”, “postal art”, “correspondence art”, “networking art”, “mailed art”, … A strict definition is not possible. So be it. Mail art does not have a definite address.


This article is not a History of mail art. Being only in the Mail Art network since 1985, being only a practitioner amongst others, I don’t see anyone, certainly not the art historians, being able to write such a History; one of the reasons being that there is not ONE mail art network, but an unknown number of networks in the network.


When will there be a single universal spoken and written language? The image is a language. A Language of sounds, smells (ode to the pig), colours, shapes, signs, social objects.

Let’s be cosmopolitan! Nomadic! Risk it!  Long live the postman! – Without the post office, no mail art.